Who Loves 'Ya, Baby? You do!

Well, if this batch of TMZ pictures isn’t the end of the road for NY Rep. Anthony Weiner, we’ll have to re-write the House Rules, the Articles of Impeachment and maybe the U.S. Constitution to offer us  justice, domestic tranquility, and a common defense against exposure to any more narcissistic, self-possessed, self-absorbed, self-snapped photos of Anthony Weiner.   I don’t know which tweet repulses me more: the original  photo of his nipples or of the newest release where the naked congressman is seen using his penis as a towel hook in front of a mirror in the gym in the House of Representatives. If ever there was proof that all men are not created equal, it is an elected official who worships  his own body as if  it had served as Michelango’s model for the statue of David.  


Harvey Levin's TMZ is watchdogging Congress as much as, sometimes more doggedly than network news.

Thank you, Harvey Levin, for this last batch of photos, which certainly show Weiner in violation of House Rules –the “being an embarrassment to the House of Representatives” one.  But did we really even need these photos to prove that? Perhaps the last holdouts did.  So James Carville, George Stephanpoulos  and whoever else said we should “wait-and-see”, we have now really seen.

As I wrote in earlier blogs (which offered Weiner an engraved invitation to resign), this scandal isn’t part of a great modern debate whether or not sexting is cheating. I’d want him to resign if he was still single.

It’s not even that he lied to his friends, colleagues and the media.  I get why people lie about their sex lives.

I don’t  care whether or not Weiner used government phones, computers or taxpayer time.

It doesn’t even matter to me whether or not he violated rules of the House —  (I, for one, didn’t need further convincing with those naked photos of the congressman holding his penis while posing in front of the House gym mirrors.)

Ultimately, I will argue that a lack of impulse control remains the overriding factor which makes Anthony Weiner unfit for office. I don’t want anyone with his issues casting a single congressional voting on war, mental health funding, internet policy or anything that’s important to me.  (Let’s not  forget the bill Weiner sponsored a few years ago to expose sex offenders living near school children. Perhaps he can now talk to some of them first hand in the rehab clinic.)

I am now even more convinced  that Weiner is not a man of passion.  He is a predator.

My only opinion that has changed with the new TMZ disclosures is regarding Weiner’s wife.

Huma, I say this with all due respect: there is no room for your love here.  Your husband clearly has bathed in the deepest pool of his own ego and self-love for so long,  it’s now time to let him drown in it.

*credit to the NY Daily News for "sex tweetment"

Shelley Ross is the author of “Fall From Grace: The History of Sex, Scandal and Corruption in American Politics from 1702 to the Present” (available on