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There was a game-changing moment for one candidate in tonight’s Republican debate on CNBC and it wasn’t Herman Cain’s who must be so relieved that someone else will be the brunt of political jokes in the next news cycle.

Texas Governor Rick Perry not only shot himself in the foot tonight, but in one quick instant — as the whole audience watched in disbelief – -the deflated balloon that was once his campaign for President seemed to hover over the auditorium before finally fizzling out on the stage.

Here’s what happened and I saw it live. Perry, posturing among fellow conservatives how he would rein in our overgrown government said he would end three government departments on his first day in office.

1) Education. 2) Commerce 3) Uhhhhh, uhhhhhh, uhhhhhh.

I guess the dog ate his homework. And, as my good friend, Thea, remarked, “Maybe he should reconsider Education.”

It was such a stunning implosion, that I quickly checked online for the transcript. And here it is, along with what I think is my favorite part, the greatest word ever uttered by a candidate for President. You’ll have to read to the bottom of the transcript to see it. Read the rest of this entry »