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It was bound to happen. One person in one great shining moment of new technology and brass balls who could give the finger to the network bosses and herald in a new era of really direct tv.

Within three hours, Charlie Sheen’s low-tech, low quality premiere episode of “Sheen’s Korner,” pulled in 631,000 viewers on Ustream.

“Good Evening from Sherman Oaks,” he began, introducing his grand experiment.  “You’re either in Sheen’s Korner or with the trolls!”

He introduced his trusty sidekick, The Rick, and his amazing staff: Jason, Matt, Simon Rex musical director aka Dirt Nasty and one of the goddesses.  There was a photographer: The Steve, The leo,  and the guy he called his fabulous producer, Brad Weiman (no spelling available.)

During his monologue, (he must be using the term loosely), he held up his arm to unveil a new wrist tatoo. But he forgot, there’s no camera to give him a close up.  So he holds his hand up to computer camera where the new tatoo is blocked by lower third banner CHARLIE@charlie sheen.  Somehow, we figure out the tatoo spells out “winning,” after which Sheen borrows a page from “Network” and implores viewers to go to their window, open it and chant with him “Winning! Winning! Winning!”

The next segment in the webcast is a series of random pictures including one that shows cat bites dog.  Lots of farting noises sound effects continue before we’re off to a segment on “winning” news that begins with a  shout out to Zachary, the youngest ever eagle scout who is then  welcomed aboard the winning team.

Sheen is wearing a black t-shirt with a green Warhol dollar sign and a bowler hat, covering exactly what we don’t know as he reads another winning story: a bald eagle who survived a crash into a windshield.

About 9:21 in to the premiere, Sheen lights his first cigarette, and then moves on to the story of Josie Dimples, an 80-year-old woman who tweeted Sheen to say she is now winning, too.  For that, she gets a polaroid of Sheen, freshly snapped by one of the goddesses. He tells us there will be only one given out on each show.

He adlibs: “As the story develops… ” along with the polaroid coming to life and we watch him sign it.

And there’s more!  Howard Schnitzer was kept alive by a chain of neighbors who gave him CPR for over 90 minutes until medical help arrived.  Winning news, indeed.  Just snapshots, he tells us,  of the components of genius you’ll see on Sheen’s Korner.

Frankly, the backyard “let’s put on a show” feel is a lot much more exciting than  many network sitcoms and, other than the distracting farting noises, has tremendous potential.  It’s like a Wayne’s World with more awkward moments and herkier, jerkier audio, if that’s possible.

Someone named Paul calls to interrupt and tell him he’s watching the show.  “Who isn’t?”  Sheen says. Read the rest of this entry »