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Should A Man Get Away with a “No Condom” Maneuver in the Morning?


Radical acts: always good for one's sex life


Long before AIDS and other awful STDs, when the only consequence of unprotected sex was getting pregnant, jerks the world over  pulled the alleged “Assange” maneuver the morning after.  With daybreak testosterone rising, a bedroomy guy who was given no choice but to wear a condom the night before, would roll over and make a “raincoat-free” move, as if all formalities had disappeared and he could kick his shoes off at the dinner table.

Now, at the close of 2010, Julian Assange is fighting extradition to Sweden after finding himself the center of a worldwide manhunt, then arrested by British authorities because two women he bedded in the same week swapped their unsafe sex stories and went to the police to demand he take a test for HIV.

The Guardian, one of the original Wikileak partners, has now leaked some of Assange’s Swedish police report.  So in addition to publishing a quarter of a million cables from 250 American embassies worldwide the paper is now reporting how Assange’s revolutionary,  possibly treasonous acts have certainly been good for his sex life. Okay, that news may not exactly stop the presses; preaching a passion for bringing world peace through radical acts has been an aphrodisiac throughout the ages.

It seems everyone is now dissecting Assange’s ego and the sex life that has grown exponentially with his Google pages.   We’ve even learned Assange had the audacity to steal the girlfriend of a known American journalist.  They apparently went outside during dinner at a restaurant, were seen holding hands and whispering, and she never returned to the hotel room she shared with her boyfriend. (Okay, so women can be jerks, too.)

But back to Assange’s police report excerpts.  The Guardian reporter wrote that Julian Assange has “a fetish” for unsafe sex.

Who doesn’t?

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Snooki: "Most Fascinating What?"


Yes, after all these years, Time Magazine has finally squandered the “Man/Person of the Year” franchise. Barbara Walters has her annual special of “most fascinating” which, I saw in the sneak preview,  features Snooki.  Matt Lauer ‘s list included Lebron James, Kim Kardashian and Sharif el-Gamal,  the developer of the controversial Islamic prayer center near Ground Zero.  And now my old pal Judith Regan has invited a gang of us for her “person of the year” award on her Sirius radio program. Sorry, Time, but we no longer sit around the dinner table and ponder your annual selection.  It’s more fun to come up with lists in our alternate universe.

I have already hand picked my personal candidates. I’m certain next week’s radio think tank will also come up with some buzzier candidates, at least some more inspired than Time, which is now asking people to click on for their pick online (see below). Read the rest of this entry »